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Put your data to work with high availability, cost predictability, and cloud flexibility.

What is Public Cloud Storage?

Public cloud storage services offer a scalable, security-rich, and cost-effective home for your data while supporting traditional and cloud-native workloads. With Seagate public cloud storage solutions, experience predictable cloud economics with per-terabyte pricing and zero add-on charges or egress fees. Easily transfer and ingest mass data sets into your new cloud and breathe easy knowing Seagate cloud storage services adheres to the most stringent, globally recognized data security standards.

The Seagate Advantage for Public Cloud Storage

Overcome the cost and complexity of storing, moving, and activating data for maximum value. Seagate offers a comprehensive suite of hardware, software, and services to complement existing cloud infrastructures.

Predictable Cloud Economics

With simple pricing and zero add-on charges or egress fees, you’ll never be surprised by your bill again.

Cloud Flexibility

Your multicloud environment doesn’t have to be so complicated. Complement your existing cloud strategy with flexible object storage cloud solutions for mass data.

Mass-Capacity Data Transfer

Quickly move large data sets from edge to core to cloud for faster time to insights.

Data Security You Can Trust

Safeguard your data with ransomware protection, enterprise-grade identity management support, automatic data replication, and data encryption at rest and in flight.

Simple, Trusted Cloud Storage

S3 object storage as a service, available at the metro edge.

Mass-Capacity Cloud Data Transfer

The right-sized approach to any data transfer.

Legacy Data Meets the Cloud

Extract more value from legacy content with managed migration services.

An ESG Technical Review

Reduce Cost and Complexity of Your Cloud Storage

In this report, industry experts review Lyve Cloud’s ability to reduce operational complexity and offer predictable performance, capacity, and cost.

White Paper

The Potential of Multicloud

Multicloud serves organizations with increasing storage demands that need to control the flow of data more closely than traditional cloud allows.

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