Lyve™ Mobile & AWS

Accelerate Data Ingest into AWS S3

Simplify data management and migration by using Seagate Lyve Mobile Cloud Import to accelerate mass Data Ingest into AWS S3

The Seagate & AWS Solution Advantage

With Cloud Import by Seagate Lyve Mobile, Seagate can simplify migration of mass datasets aggregated, stored, and processed in the field directly to AWS S3, bypassing network bottlenecks and dependencies and accelerating the last mile of data logistics.

Simple, Secure Transfers

Fast, reliable, secure transport of content and metadata

Optimized for the edge

The Lyve Mobile Array effortlessly integrates into any data workflow for versatile and secure data management, allowing fast migration to modern technology stacks.

Bypass High-Latency Networks

With Lyve Mobile, customers can cut data transfer times in half for simplified and secure mass-capacity physical data transfers

Industry-leading object storage service

As an object storage service, Amazon S3 or AWS S3—offers industry-leading scalability, data availability, security, and performance.

Cloud Migration

Accelerate your data imports to AWS S3.

Using Seagate Lyve Mobile Cloud Import provides the ability to accelerate mass data transfer and migration into Amazon S3 making complex data workflows and data logistics simple for diverse set of customers and use cases.

Use Cases & Case Studies

Here are just a few ways to start capitalizing on the partnership between AWS and Lyve Mobile today.

Media & Entertainment

Accelerate Camera to Cloud Workflows

Geosciences & Energy

Accelerate geophysical data delivery with storage that’s built for the edge.

Autonomous Vehicles

Accelerate ADAS Data Workflows.

Media & Entertainment

Accelerate Camera to Cloud Workflows


Moving large data sets can be challenging particularly when shooting remotely and with the growth in virtual post-production, companies need to move the raw footage as quickly as possible while meeting deadlines and managing budget. By simply adding this Lyve Mobile Services feature to their Project Plan, customers will significantly accelerate their data ingestion from the field to AWS S3.

Geosciences & Energy

Accelerate geophysical data delivery with storage that’s built for the edge.


The energy industry is expected to see exponentially increasing data volumes from both digital transformations and new operations. As data becomes a strategic resource across enterprises, customers will require a rugged, scalable, and cost-effective data storage solution built both for mass-capacity storage at the edge and for frictionless physical transfer to the cloud.  

Autonomous Vehicles

Accelerate ADAS Data Workflows.

Manage and orchestrate the flow of live, intelligent, automotive data with the agility of Seagate solutions—from in-vehicle storage capacity and modular edge solutions that offload data with blazing-fast speed to affordable, secure cloud architecture for both private and hybrid environments.

Energy services company Neubrex collects and processes data related to underground well operations in near real time at field sites. This time-critical information impacts decisions on how to improve energy production and execute safe sites. With Seagate® Lyve Mobile, Neubrex teams can aggregate, store, process, and move massive volumes of data quickly and easily.
Case Study

Beating the Clock on Geological Data Delivery to the Energy Industry

Energy services company Neubrex captures and delivers real-time data faster with Seagate Lyve Mobile.

Lyve Mobile Services Intergration With Amazon S3

User Guide for using Lyve Mobile Data-Transfer-as-a-Service with Amazon S3


Data Transfer Time Savings Calculator

Moving edge data to the cloud or a datacenter? Use this tool to see how much time you could save using Lyve Mobile.

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