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Media & Entertainment Data Storage Solutions

Streamline data storage for media and entertainment workflows and efficiently store data-intensive media.

The Seagate Advantage for Media & Entertainment Data Storage Solutions

Seamlessly create and manage content for diverse digital media pipelines using affordable and scalable platforms.

Meet High-Performance Demands

Bring faster data transfers, better streaming performance, and best-in-class value to your digital media workflow.

Reliably Support Media Workflows

Focus on creating and delivering captivating content with the sustained performance of our enterprise-grade storage.

Build Flexibly, Scale Effortlessly

Easily scale out petabytes of storage to meet evolving media and entertainment storage needs.

No Vendor Lock-In

Ensure effective data flow, management, and flexibility for your infrastructure using our vendor-agnostic platforms.

Simplify Content & Media Data Storage and Delivery

Create, store, and access content for wide-ranging digital media workflows — including production, streaming and archiving.

Moritz Krebs incorporates Seagate solutions into his workflow

See how Seagate solutions completely changed how Moritz Krebs and his team manage their storage needs.

Meet Your Post-Production Media Data Storage Needs

See how to meet data capture, archive, copy, and access needs in a post-pandemic world.

More Space and Speed for Zaba Film Studio

Film Editors Embrace the Two-Armed Hard Drive

When standard drives weren’t cutting it, Exos 2X14 saved the day.

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