Case Study

NAS Brings the Wow Factor to Post-Production

Seagate and QNAP work together for ultra-efficient editing and archiving.

Boosting Efficiency with a Single Storage Source

UK-based G6 Motion Control needed a robust, long-lasting solution that would help with performance and growth—one that would let them easily store footage and edit more efficiently.

Faster drive speed for smoother post-production.

IronWolf® drives are built for intense workloads and deliver the performance needed to work on various types of media content.

24 × 7 NAS access for efficient collaboration.

Secure, high-capacity storage that lets you easily access data from a centralized spot—perfect for easy sharing in high-workload environments.

Streamlined work with single-space file storage.

IronWolf Pro NAS can handle the needs for media and entertainment workflows—serious demands that require a streamlined data storage approach.

Their Story

Innovative films and videos via high-tech motion capture.

UK-based G6 Motion Control (G6MOCO) offers advanced filmmaking tools to produce footage that breaks boundaries and wows the brands and artists they support. G6MOCO delivers results that most people think can’t be achieved.

Their Goal

Setting the standard for mind-blowing motion control videos.

G6MOCO services have grown from a single camera on a robotic arm to multiple high-speed motion control robots, a tracking vehicle, and virtual production. The company plans to add more solutions that will further enable its wow-factor creativity.

Their Problem

Growing data leads to new challenges.

As G6MOCO expanded their offerings, they encountered new challenges. They struggled to quickly locate footage because projects were stored on multiple hard drives. This issue was compounded when multiple people needed to access the same drive, not to mention the potential that footage could be lost when shifting files to different hard drives to optimize space.

Their Solution

Boosting efficiency with a single storage source.

G6MOCO decided to move their systems to a more robust, long-lasting solution that would improve workflow and help with performance and growth.

They wanted an all-in-one system so the team could edit more efficiently, and archive completed projects. The new setup also needed to give multiple users (with multiple computers) quick access. 

After extensive research, G6MOCO adopted a solution that checked all their boxes: the 8-bay QNAP QuTS Hero and a series of Seagate® drives: eight IronWolf® HDDs, two SSDs, and two M.2 drives.  

This approach gives G6MOCO the flexibility to grow their production system by upgrading the Seagate HDDs or adding an extension box for additional storage so they can focus on what’s most important—creativity.

Their Success

Streamlining production tenfold.

Today, G6MOCO has experienced improved workflow along with faster editing and rendering. Storing all projects in one unified place makes it easy to locate the needed files. Handling all post-production via the Seagate SSDs results in faster, smoother editing. And housing final files on Seagate HDDs frees up space on the SSDs for the next project.

“Having everything in one reliable NAS system makes things faster and easier. We can edit using SSDs while transcoding and backing up footage to HDDs.”

Rammy Anwar ,
G6 Motion Control

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