Seagate DEI

Crafting an Inclusive Datasphere

Discover how we’re driving innovation through diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Annual Report

With over 40,000 employees, spanning more than 25 countries and countless cultures, you could say that diversity is in our DNA.

Message from CEO Dave Mosley

At Seagate, Inclusion is so much more than just a core value—it’s how we lead and do business all over the world. When we lead with Inclusion, we create a space for diverse voices to be heard, valued, and elevated, which in turn inspires greater innovation throughout our products, technologies, partnerships, and communities.

From our investors, board of directors, and customers to our employees and their extended communities, the impact that we have as a global leader is powerful and meaningful. While there is much work to be done, I am proud of what we’ve accomplished in supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion, and invite you to explore this report to learn more.

Our History of Inclusion

Employee Resource Groups

Our ERGs offer support for members, raise awareness of diversity, and foster inclusion through development opportunities and resources.

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Our Global Workforce

Employee Growth and Development

Our Differences Drive Innovation

Awards and Recognition