Lyve Mobile + VAN ROTHE

Fast and Flexible Edge Storage

Lyve Mobile helps VAN ROTHE streamline technical aspects of film production.

Producing Better Media Workflows

With the pandemic fueling consumer demand for high-quality streaming content, VAN ROTHE leveraged Seagate® Lyve™ Mobile to alleviate data processing bottlenecks on set and in post-production. As a result, the film consulting company was able to transform its entire business model.

Predictable Costs
Definable Scopes of Work

Service-level agreements that used to be hard to establish are now the norm thanks to predictable labor and equipment costs.

Uniform Form Factor
Faster Lead Times

High-capacity storage with support for versatile interfaces has accelerated data consolidation and ingestion from different devices.

Streamlined Services
A Scalable Business Model

Task automation on set has empowered VAN ROTHE to scale its business model and serve more clients.

Work-Life Balance
Happier Technicians

Technicians now spend less time focusing on convoluted workarounds and more time on quality assurance.

Their Story

Custom software solutions for major film studios and distributors.

VAN ROTHE is a consulting company based in Leipzig, Germany that works with film industry clients to budget, execute, and control technical pipelines for feature film, commercial, and live multi-cam productions. Because VAN ROTHE’s clients work under strict deadlines and tight budgets, the company provides reliable and repeatable service offerings delivered as a packaged deal.

Their Goal

The path to standardized motion picture engineering.

VAN ROTHE wants to standardize industry procedures, promote technical knowledge of the craft, and empower technicians across the world to collaborate from wherever they are. To succeed in executing its ambitious global vision, VAN ROTHE must strike a balance between delivering industry-leading products and services to its clients at a competitive price, optimizing its resources so it can scale its business model, and supporting the needs of technicians.

Their Problem

Industry growing pains meet pandemic-era challenges.

Between higher camera resolutions, greater demand for streaming content, tighter production schedules, and a shortage of qualified technicians, VAN ROTHE has been inundated with growing volumes of data to process. But with clients providing disjointed and often outdated technology, technicians were spending up to 18 hours on set just to wrangle data. This inflated operating costs, delayed post-production schedules, and created unnecessary security risks. Taken together, these challenges made it difficult for VAN ROTHE to deliver on its promise of cost-effective products and services with fast turnaround times.

Their Solution

Scalable mobile edge storage and high-speed data transfers.

Because network speeds in Germany are not fast enough to support huge data transfers, VAN ROTHE relies on mobile storage to consolidate data on set and ingest it for post-production processing. But previous solutions were cost prohibitive due to unsustainable expenses associated with owning and scaling storage devices. VAN ROTHE chose Lyve Mobile to help grow its services faster while reducing its financial risk.

Their Success

Happy technicians and a scalable business model.

VAN ROTHE’s modern film engineering solutions combined with Lyve Mobile’s service model have empowered the company with a more cost-effective approach to scaling its business model. In fact, Lyve Mobile’s uniform form factor has enabled the company to automate processes on set for the first time. With accelerated transfer speeds and devices that can be operated without the need for advanced IT expertise, technicians are no longer burdened with the convoluted task of wrangling data on set and can focus on effective quality assurance instead.

“With Lyve Mobile, we can store new data while at the same time transcoding data that’s already been stored. Lyve Mobile’s uniform form factor allows for a standardized chain of data—from on set to post-production. This makes it easier for us to scale storage capacity based on customer needs, safely transport huge volumes of data, and build more automation into our processes.”

Robert Bogs,
VAN ROTHE Partner and Motion Picture Engineer

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