Enterprise Solutions

All Flash, Hybrid, & Disk Arrays

Safeguard your valuable data.

All Flash, Hybrid, & Disk Arrays

Performance and Simplicity

Seagate® RAID array enclosures are tightly integrated for high performance, availability, and scalable capacity. Safeguard your critical data with state-of-the-art, cost-optimized architecture.

Easy Integration
Tightly Integrated Excellence

We’re the only tightly integrated RAID system provider. We manufacture and design every component, which improves quality, service, and warranty.

Big Capacity, Small Footprint
Scalable Capacity and High Performance

Seagate flash, hybrid, and disk arrays offer powerful performance in a tiny amount of space with 99.999% availability.

Best Value
Cost-Optimized Architecture

Seagate systems offer enterprise-grade features that optimize efficiency and best-in-class value while enabling smooth operations and management.

Maximum Speed
Lightning-Fast Data Access

Seagate’s multi-core storage controllers and data replication let you access and stream critical data at lightning speed.

All Flash, Hybrid, & Disk Arrays

Tightly integrated for scalable capacity and high performance.

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