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Exos X 5U84

The Seagate® Exos® X 5U84 is a petabyte-scale, rack-mounted block storage system including self-healing technology, data protection options, and advanced software features.


    Super High Capacity. Small Footprint.

    Save space with up to 84 HDD or SSD devices and dual controllers all in a 5U rackmount enclosure. Connect four enclosures for a total of 336 drives.

    A value-rich solution for applications that require massive capacity, performance, low latency, and always-on resiliency. Perfect mass storage for conventional data centers and cloud infrastructure.

    Enterprise-Grade Platform

    Ideal for storage administrators seeking massive storage capability, innovative durability, leading performance, and full featured capability along with integration and management simplicity.

    A rich set of enterprise features and data protection including self-healing storage with improved Advanced Distributed Autonomic Protection Technology (ADAPT) and Autonomous Drive Regeneration (ADR), auto-tiering, snapshots, replication, and Seagate’s new ASIC-based VelosCT™ controller architecture yields extremely high-performance and high reliability.

    Maximize high density potential in a 5U form factor.

    For customers who need a compact solution with an ability to expand.

    The ideal solution for storage administrators who want modern high-end features and the ability to massively scale with drive capacity and stackability as storage needs grow.

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