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Exos X 2U12

Seagate® Exos® X 2U12 RAID storage array delivers superior performance, advanced data protection, and density for ultimate space utilization.


    High Capacity. Small Footprint.

    The ideal solution for customers who need high-capacity storage and the utmost in space utilization with modern, high-capacity drives and low power consumption.

    Save space with up to 12 SSD or HDD drives and dual controllers all in a 2U rackmount enclosure.

    Enterprise-Grade Platform

    Ideal primary storage for customers always seeking performance and low latency.

    Along with a rich set of enterprise features including ADAPT, auto-tiering, snapshots, and replication, Seagate’s ASIC based design yields extremely high performance and high availability.

    Optimize available space with high-capacity drives and a 2U Form Factor.

    Ideal for customers who need a compact solution with an ability to expand.

    The ideal solution for storage administrators who want modern high-end features, the ability to scale with drive capacity and stackability as storage needs grow.

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