Case Study

Modernizing Backups To Maximize Performance

By leveraging Veeam® and Seagate® modern backup solutions, Office Ally increased flexibility and lowered TCO.

Partners in Practice—Office Ally, Veeam, & Seagate

Office Ally’s aging backup technology combined with increasing data volumes highlighted their need for modern solutions that could improve flexibility and lower TCO. Seagate and Veeam solutions offered the ideal combination of performance and reliability needed to deliver on data backup goals without breaking the bank.

Helping the Helpers

As a full-service clearinghouse for healthcare providers, Office Ally makes it easier to create & submit accurate claims.

Legacy Storage Struggled To Keep Pace

Office Ally needed state-of-the-art solutions with best-in-class performance to handle data transfer, storage, & backup demands.

Scalability and Flexibility

As their customer base expanded, dynamic storage needs became commonplace. It was critical to implement scalable solutions.

Lower TCO

30% cost efficiency increase compared to alternatives.

Their Story

The Office Ally Impact

As a full-service clearinghouse solution for healthcare providers, Office Ally streamlines the process of payment submission to participating payers. Office Ally’s free, web-based service helps providers easily create CMS1500, UB04 claims online, or use existing software to create and submit claims electronically. For Office Ally, it’s all about helping the helpers—making it easier for healthcare professionals to create and submit accurate documentation and get paid more quickly.

Their Goal

Increasing flexibility and reducing TCO.

Office Ally needed the storage capability and performance to keep pace with healthcare providers interested in streamlining billing practices, completing EHRs, and scheduling operations. In practice, this meant identifying and implementing solutions that simultaneously increased flexibility while reducing TCO.

Their Problem

Legacy storage struggled to keep pace.

For Office Ally, legacy storage solutions were no longer able to keep pace with data transfer, storage, and backup demands. Exacerbating this issue was that unplanned expenses put a hard cap on the company’s available IT budgets, which underscored the need for state-of-the-art storage solutions that offered best-in-class performance without breaking the bank.

Their Solution

Aligning systems with agile storage options to make the most of modernized storage environments.

To help modernize its storage environment, Office Ally leveraged a proven Seagate storage solution—combining Seagate Exos X 2U12 SAN storage with RAID and multiple Exos E 2U12 expansion units loaded with Seagate Exos 16TB self-encrypting hard drives—and paired it with Veeam’s Backup and Replication Enterprise Plus. Veeam Backup and Replication provided a modern software-defined backup solution for all of Office Ally’s virtualized and bare-metal workloads.

The result was enterprise-level performance with self-encrypting drives, erasure coding, and flexible backup protection for cloud, virtual, and physical environments. With Seagate ADAPT data protection incorporated in the Exos X controller for fast recovery, Office Ally was equipped to maximize the benefits of modern storage environments while minimizing total TCO. These Agile storage solutions helped Office Ally protect their critical systems and data.

The results speak for themselves: using Seagate and Veeam as part of their storage framework, Office Ally was able to achieve more resilient and efficient backups along with 30% increased cost-effectiveness and an additional 1PB of backup capacity.    

Their Success

Modernized storage at scale.

For Office Ally, success meant improving efficiency, accessibility, and flexibility without increasing TCO. By leveraging Seagate Exos storage offerings, combined with Veeam Backup and Replication Enterprise Plus, Office Ally was able to increase overall capacity, improve performance, and avoid vendor lock-in. In practice, Seagate helped Office Ally obtain measurable operational success, including:

  • Overall system resiliency improvement.
  • Increased backup performance.
  • 30% cost efficiency increase compared to alternatives.
  • Improved data protection using Exos X erasure coding.
  • Adding 1PB of backup storage capacity.

“I didn’t even have to think twice. With Seagate, we can better support storage environments and ensure multiple data recovery and redundancy options.”

Mike Kaneshiro,
CIO of Office Ally

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