Case Study

TV Network Rids Storage Woes with Exos CORVAULT

Videoland finds more capacity, speed, and protection in a smaller footprint. 

Exos CORVAULT Helps TV Network Entertain the Masses

Videoland TV Network delivers quality entertainment to its viewership, accumulating a massive amount of content in the process. The need to store and back up this content makes high-capacity storage an absolute must. Exos® CORVAULT™ by Seagate® goes beyond massive capacity—it offers practical and important protection for Videoland’s data.

Massive capacity

With up to 2.1PB in a 4U chassis, Exos CORVAULT delivers the massive capacity needed to store existing and growing content.

Self-healing drive technology

CORVAULT goes beyond massive capacity by providing practical protection to Videoland’s data.

Small footprint saves space

CORVAULT’s compact footprint paired with its storage capacity allowed Videoland to save physical space, making scaling easier.

Seamless integration for quick tape migration

The speed and reliability of Exos CORVAULT allows for quick tape migration without worry.

Their Story

Entertaining the Masses

Taiwanese cable provider Videoland TV Network brings a wealth of quality entertainment to its viewership through seven high-definition cable channels that span shows, movies, sports, and more. When they realized they were spending more time and resources on outdated data storage mediums than they could afford, they sought out a more efficient solution—Seagate Exos CORVAULT.

Their Goal

Tackling Three Decades of Data

Since first airing in 1992, Videoland TV Network has accumulated a massive amount of content, and it just keeps growing. The need to store—and back up—all this content makes high-capacity storage an absolute must

Their Challenge

Wanted: Bigger Storage. Smaller Footprint.

Videoland stores copies of every program they air, including unprocessed master tapes. Until recently, they’d been using tape-based storage to do this. But when their data simply became too voluminous, they had to start looking for an alternative solution—one that could offer way more capacity while, hopefully, taking up a lot less space.   

Their Solution

Exos CORVAULT Wins the Lead

After researching storage options, Videoland ultimately chose Exos CORVAULT by Seagate, a self-healing, high-density system with loads of capacity, speed, and reliability. Designed with Auto Drive Regeneration (ADR) and Autonomic Distributed Allocation Protection Technology (ADAPT), CORVAULT goes beyond just massive capacity—it offers practical and important protection for Videoland’s data.

Their Success

Easing the Transition from Tape to Drives

Videoland originally used three tape cabinets for storage, each able to hold a thousand tapes. But, due to their need for backup storage, the actual available capacity was only five hundred. After switching to Exos CORVAULT, they not only gained enormous capacity in a small footprint, they eliminated issues such as damp or damaged tapes and offline storage problems.

“Exos CORVAULT’s speed and capacity have made storing and archiving our data more feasible.”

Videoland TV Network

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