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Integrated Storage Servers

Integrated Storage Servers

Accelerate Data Center Modernization

Consolidate compute and storage in one chassis—easily scale up and scale out your data storage with our versatile and feature-rich design. Find enterprise-grade hardware features at a competitive value.

Easy Deployment
Superior Scalability

The Seagate Exos AP Integrated Storage Server platforms allow you to easily install and grow from smaller integrations to exabyte-scale data deployments with a wide range of capacity options.

Versatility and Control
Built in Reliability

Common Chassis and FRUs, bring your own software, plug & play design. Redundancy, failover, serviceability. Reduced risk of failure through fewer components, adaptive cooling technology, persistent memory capability with NVDIMMs.

Minimize TCO
Fully Integrated

Space Efficient Design, ultra efficient power supplies, right-sized chassis options, and hardware relevance for long-term service.

Application Platforms

Tightly integrated high-performance compute and storage.

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