Enterprise Solutions

Compute & Storage Convergence Platforms

Easily scale your data systems.

Accelerate Data Center Modernization

At Seagate, we never sacrifice capacity for performance. Now you can consolidate compute and storage in one chassis—easily scaling your data systems while reducing your footprint with our versatile and feature-rich design. Find enterprise-grade features at a competitive price.

Easy Exabytes

Supreme Scalability

The Seagate AP convergence platforms allow you to easily build exabyte-scale data centers—holding up to 1.6PB of data.

Versatility and Control

User-Friendly Design

Enterprise-grade design boasts rich features for any size company to manage cables, universal ports, self-configuration controls and swappable PSUs with ease.

Simplified Operations

Easy Data Access

Enjoy easily accessible data. All drive carriers require zero tools to swap controllers, PSUs, fan modules, drives, and expander cards.

Optimize Costs

Space-Efficient Design

AP systems optimize storage costs while saving space. Our innovative Seagate Acoustic Shield improves performance and optimizes reliability.