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Meeting Rising Secure Storage Demands competes against some big cloud companies, but its unique approach to privacy and protection quickly attracted a lot of attention. With storage capacity needs increasing by 3 petabytes (PB) per month, needed to scale rapidly to meet rising demand. Thanks to the industry-leading, high-density Seagate® Exos® E storage system, it did.

Superior Scalability

Storage scaling to support more than 1 million users.

Increased Capacity

Exceeding the 3PB-per-month expectation.

New Product Offerings

Up to 10 terabytes (TB) in storage per user.

Enhanced SLAs

99.99% uptime for clients.

Their Story delivers secure, scalable cloud storage to power enterprise success.

Success in the enterprise-scale cloud storage market is no easy task. Whether it’s offered by established cloud giants or local, specialized IT solutions consultants, data infrastructure offerings must provide a unique value proposition to earn the trust of enterprise customers and realize long-term success.

For the development team, it began with the creation of a "cloud storage platform we could trust to keep our own data safe," says Thomas Savundra,’s co-founder. Then, it evolved into an end-to-end offering capable of addressing and overcoming the real-world challenges of cloud-based data storage for enterprises. has worked to meet the most demanding business customers’ expectations by offering enterprise-grade infrastructure, multiple data center locations, and the most advanced storage systems—including automatic failover systems and secure HIPAA-compliant capabilities that enable legal, healthcare, and accounting firms to breathe easy while meeting requirements.

Their Goal needed a storage platform that could support substantial growth.

For Savundra, the goal is simple: Helping enterprise customers of any size stay in sync by assuring their enormous data loads are always secure and available on demand. Achieving this goal requires increased storage capacity and scalability to ensure that productivity doesn't come at the expense of security or privacy.

Their Problem

Fast-growing customer demands put pressure on’s storage infrastructure.

Increased demand from enterprise customers made it clear that was on to something big, but low-density storage systems posed challenges for cost and reliability. Less scalable, lower-capacity systems that were more expensive to manage and more prone to failure meant was restricted in the product offerings and storage quantities they could offer.

Their Solution scaled its storage infrastructure with Seagate Exos E Systems.

For, success in the cloud-based storage market came with the challenge of customer demand: As data requirements ramped up, low-density systems couldn't keep pace. With over a million users and monthly storage needs measured in PB, Savundra and his team recognized the need for “the highest capacity systems, as well as platforms that are efficient for to scale up and manage."

Working with experts at Seagate paved the way for's solution to rapidly-increasing demand for storage scalability and reliability. Savundra notes, "As we started working with larger business and organizations, enterprise-grade reliability became the primary talking point." Seagate's high-density storage architecture provided the reliability needed to deliver on Sync's promise of privacy and protection—and the market reputation required to help boost client confidence.

Their Success improved scalability and deepened customer trust.

Success in cloud storage isn't just about having the most space—it's about meeting customer demand for new storage offerings, reliably storing data across multiple data centers to streamline client access, and improving customer confidence. For, this meant:

  • Scaling to serve more than one million users
  • Increasing capacity to meet 3PB-per-month demands
  • Delivering a safe space with 99.99% uptime for customers
  • Offering 10TB of storage for users
  • Boosting customer confidence with industry-leading storage solutions

“The Seagate solution is a key component under the hood. Without Seagate, we wouldn't be able to scale in a way that gives us peace of mind—and is in the peace of mind business!”

Thomas Savundra,
President and Co-Founder
Products Used

Exos E 4U106 JBOD System

For industry-best capactiy and density, without sacrificing speed.

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