Seagate + Red Hat

Exabyte-Scale Software-Defined Storage

Build scalable and efficient Red Hat Ceph Storage using Seagate® Exos® storage platforms.

The Seagate & Red Hat Solution Advantage

Seagate Exos storage platforms are integrated hardware building blocks for Red Hat Ceph Storage. Our high-density application platforms enable distributed S3-compatible object storage for the Red Hat OpenShift container platform and enterprise private clouds. Together with Red Hat, Exos storage platforms enable users to create exabyte-scale data lakes with zero sacrifices to overall performance.

Petabytes of Object Storage

Create a massive data lake that can scale to unprecedented levels with Red Hat Ceph and Seagate Exos AP compute and storage platforms.

Integrated Building Blocks

Simplify the deployment of a Red Hat Ceph cluster using Seagate storage building blocks with integrated servers.

Space-Saving Efficiency

Reduce your data center footprint with high-density Seagate Exos AP compute and storage platforms.

Efficiency Meets Performance

Easily enable distributed object storage with Seagate Exos storage platforms and Red Hat Ceph Storage.
Scale & Performance Test

Scaling Ceph to 10 Billion Objects

Red Hat, Seagate, and Intel demonstrate scaling Red Hat Ceph to 10 billion objects with predictable performance using Exos E 4U106.

Reference Architecture

Simple and Scalable Software-Defined Storage

Dramatically simplify software-defined storage deployments with Red Hat Ceph Storage 5 and Seagate® Exos AP 4U100.

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