Seagate + Platina

Cost-Effective Active Archives

Low-latency, high-capacity, geo-distributed active archives.

The Seagate & Platina Solution Advantage

Build, operate, and run services in cloud-native environments, including public, private, and hybrid clouds.

Modernize Your Infrastructure

Easily provision and manage Ceph storage clusters for highly available object, block, and file system storage.

Lower TCO and Maintain Flexibility

Get the same services and capabilities you'd find in the cloud or OEM-branded solutions while maximizing cost savings.

Easily Monitor and Manage Your Data

Massively simplify the provisioning, management, and monitoring of distributed active data archives.

Effectively Manage Active Archives

Learn why siloed compute, storage, and networking infrastructure is becoming a challenge of the past.
Solution Brief

Unlock Key Insights From Archived Data

Learn how to quickly liberate the value of tape-based data archives.

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