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About Us

Through Minds of All Kinds, we celebrate and honor the different information processing and communication styles of our employees. In fact, we believe neurodiversity is a key driver of Seagate innovation.

A Message from One of Our Leaders

“I helped create our Neurodiversity ERG because I know, from personal experience, some of the challenges and capabilities possessed by the neurodiverse community. Seagate Minds of All Kinds advocates and supports the recruitment and retention of neurodiverse people. Together, we believe we can increase workforce diversity and drive innovation by focusing on capabilities rather than limitations. It is a win-win to see Seagate's inclusivity and provide an innovative, competitive advantage.”

David Pinter

Get to Know Us

  • alt Hiring Neurodiverse Talent

    Seagate’s Minnesota campus is partnering with nonprofit agency Mind Shift to hire temporary staff for positions that are highly suited for detail-oriented individuals on the autism spectrum.

  • alt Raising Awareness

    Multiple Seagate sites hosted neurodiversity education sessions focused on best practices in inclusive language and diverse hiring in the workplace.

  • alt Neurodiversity Education for All

    Seagate employees can review several resources around Universal Design and accessibility, intersectionality, and neurodiversity awareness to help learn how to contribute to a neurodiverse work culture.

Neurodiversity at Seagate

Minds of All Kinds fosters an inclusive environment by staying current with best hiring practices, neurodiversity training, and partnering with local universities to bring education and support to our employees.

Learn about our diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.

Because who you are matters to us.