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About Us

Our Military and Veterans Employee Resource Group offers support, networking, and development opportunities for military and veteran employees through community outreach and engagement.

A Message from One of Our Leaders

“Helping to lead the Military and Veterans Employee Resource Group has allowed me to connect with veterans, their families, and supporters across Seagate and enjoy camaraderie that I missed after leaving the service. When I was deployed in the Minnesota Army National Guard, Seagate offered strong support and allowed me to feel confident in my role.”

Ted Ellefson
Minnesota, USA

Get to Know Us

  • Army PaYS

    Brigadier General Richard Zellman and CEO Dave Mosely celebrate the partnership between Army PaYS and Seagate, which aims to provide service members with the opportunity to gain valuable corporate experience as they plan their transition into a civilian career.

  • Veterans Day Panel

    The webinar brought together military spouses and military servicemembers from diverse backgrounds, including the Army, Navy, and Irish Defense Forces, to honor veterans and help everyone better understand their experiences.

  • Longmont Community Outreach

    Military and Veterans ERG members participated in a crossover venture between the Veterans Community Project, the City of Longmont, and HMS Development. Seagate employees helped build 26 tiny houses and a 3,000-square foot community center for veterans. Each single residency home will be 240-square feet; the village's five family homes are 340-square feet and can sleep up to seven.

  • Giving Back

    In partnership with the Seagate site philanthropy group, over 160 devices were gathered to donate to Cell Phones for Soldiers.

  • Memorial Day Observance

    The California chapter placed 50 flags along the Seagate walkway in recognition and remembrance of those who have served our country.

  • Seagate Challenge Coins

    In honor of Veterans Day, we created Challenge Coins to recognize and show appreciation for our veteran and military employees.

Awards and Recognition

Military Friendly Employer

We are proud to be awarded the Military Friendly® Employer designation three years in a row for 2022, 2023, and 2024—earning the silver-level rating based on our commitment, effort, and success in increasing sustainable and meaningful benefits for the military community. In addition, we received the Military Friendly Spouse Employer designation in 2023 and 2024.

Military Makeover: Operation Career

Seagate was featured on an episode of Operation Career: Military Makeover, highlighting three veteran employees who have transitioned into their civilian career at Seagate.

Military Transition Through Skillbridge

We are proud to partner with Skillbridge, a work program offered by the Department of Defense that lasts up to six months for soldiers transitioning out of the military. At Seagate, we greatly value the skills and experience soldiers possess. This program, which can be completed remotely, gives soldiers the chance to work for a global company, experience a dynamic corporate culture, and find passion for their work in new ways.

Seagate & Skillbridge in Action

By utilizing their military background, our veterans are determined to solve problems and make a difference.

“One of the most challenging transitions anyone can go through is a significant career shift. My transition from military service to corporate was seamless thanks to the sincere support I instantly received from many former service members within Seagate's Military and Veterans Employee Resource Group. I feel included and well adapted to the culture here and genuinely love this group!”

Tuyen Hill
Skillbridge Graduate

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