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About Us

Seagate Interfaith recognizes, welcomes, and supports employees of all faiths. We foster a place of connection within the workplace to engage on topics of spirituality, life practices, and ways to include them within Seagate’s culture. We aim to celebrate, not debate—to share, not compare.

A Message from One of Our Leaders

“Our employees bring many diverse backgrounds and perspectives to the workplace, many of which are not externally visible. When we provide a safe place to share and celebrate what makes us unique, it leads everyone to find common ground and understanding. Allowing people to express their whole selves drives inclusion and innovation, strengthening the culture and values that continue to make Seagate a successful company.”

Ashraf Eldomiatti
Minnesota, USA

Learning Through Be Love

Interfaith has partnered with the King Center’s Be Love community to offer a three-part training and practical resources for dealing with conflict and dismantling injustice. Global participants learn how to embrace nonviolence as a powerful concept in creating their own Be Love community.

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