Lyve Drive Product Solutions

Built for the Datasphere

We’ve engineered a revolutionary system of modular solutions that help you efficiently move data around your enterprise, cloud, and edge.

Seagate® Lyve Drive™ products are available in a variety of storage options and configurations that are simple, secure, and efficient for emerging datasphere environments.


Plug in our solutions and they will work in your environment. Our interfaces are easy to understand and use, regardless of your technical expertise.


Use industry standard verifications to confirm data integrity. Our authenticated firmware and at-rest encryption provide assurance without compromise.


Quickly extract and activate the value of your data with faster speeds. Our products give you super fast access to your data without the fear of interruptions or costly delays.

Seagate Lyve Drive Shuttle

Experience simple, affordable data transfer and transport for emerging edge environments.

Seagate Lyve Drive Shuttle product image
  • Up to 16TB
  • Hard drive or SSD
  • 5-year limited warranty
  • Compatible with all cloud service providers