Lyve Mobile Mount and PCIe Adapter User Manual
Lyve Mobile Mount and PCIe Adapter 

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Install and Connect PCIe Adapter

Step 1 - Insert adapter

Slide Lyve Mobile PCIe Adapter onto the guide pins at the back of Lyve Mobile Mount.

(Back view)

Step 2 - Attach shoulder screw

Insert the shoulder screw into the hole and tighten it.

Step 3 - Connect power

A  Snap the locking bracket onto the power cable.
B  Insert the power cable into the PCIe Adapter's power port.


C  Confirm that the power cable is well connected.
D  Slide the locking bracket forward and clip it on the beveled rim on PCIe Adapter.

Step 4 - Connect cables

Connect the Ethernet cable (device configuration) and dual SFF-8644 cable (data) to PCIe Adapter.*

*Ethernet cable not included.