Seagate Lyve Mobile Padlock  User Manual
Seagate Lyve Mobile Padlock  

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Connect Lyve Mobile Array

Before configuring Lyve Mobile Padlock to automatically unlock a Lyve Mobile Array, you must set up Lyve Mobile Array with your host device. Make certain to make all physical connections to the relevant ports.

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Lyve Mobile Array
Lyve Mobile Mount and PICe Adapter
Lyve Mobile Mount and PICe Adapter - Front Loader
Lyve Mobile Rackmount Receiver


USB external drive with Lyve token file

Lyve Mobile Padlock lets you unlock Lyve Mobile Arrays using an encrypted Lyve token file stored on a USB external drive. A product admin must provide you with a token file authorizing your Padlock to access Lyve Mobile devices.

Copy the token file to an external storage device capable of connecting to Padlock with a USB Type A connector. The Lyve token file must be copied to the root level of the USB storage device to be detected by Lyve Mobile Padlock.

 External storage device is not included with Lyve Mobile Padlock. Most drive formats are supported except APFS and ReFS.

For details on managing security for Lyve Mobile devices, see the following:

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Lyve Mobile Security