Seagate Personal Cloud 2-Bay User Manual
Seagate Personal Cloud 2-Bay 

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Public and Private Folders

Your Personal Cloud 2-Bay has a Public folder that anyone can use and a private folder where each local user can store personal content that others cannot see.

What’s the difference?

Everyone on your home network can access the Public folder. Anyone who has been given a Seagate Access account to the storage device can also access the Public folder. Use the Public folder for files you want to share and for your centralized media library.

A private folder is created for each user account and is password protected. Use your private folder to back up content that you don’t want to share with others.

Which folder to use

Public folder

Create your media library in the Public folder and copy any data that you want to share to the Public folder so that you and others can access it. See Media Library.

Private folder

Back up your content to safeguard against computer malfunctions. Content backed up to the Public folder can be viewed by anyone who has access. No one but you can view content backed up to your private folder. You can back up your computer and mobile devices using Seagate Dashboard software and Seagate Mobile Backup apps. You can also back up your backups by creating backup and sync plans in the Personal Cloud 2-Bay with Backup Manager.

For information on Seagate Dashboard and Mobile Backup apps, visit the Seagate Dashboard page.

For information on backing up your backups, see Backing Up Your Content.