Seagate Access for Personal Cloud User Manual
Seagate Access for Personal Cloud 

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Frequently asked questions

Q. What app do I use with my mobile device to access my Personal Cloud remotely?
A. You must use Seagate Media App. Do not use Sdrive on your mobile devices. The Sdrive apps available in the Google Play and iOS app stores are for business storage devices and will not work with the Personal Cloud.

Q. How do I access files on my Personal Cloud away from home?
A. See Sdrive.

Q. My confirmation code expired, how do I get another one for my user account? Note: User only.
A. If the user confirmation code expires you can have another one sent by recreating the account with Sdrive. See Invitation sent to a user without a Seagate Access account.

Q. My confirmation code expired, how do I get another one for my owner account? Note: Owner only.
A. You can send another confirmation code from the Personal Cloud’s web board.

  1. Go to Device Manager > Users.
  2. Locate your username and click on the dot on the right side of the username.
  3. Fill in the required information and click Submit.
  4. Check your email for a confirmation code.

Q. Why is my remote access not working?
A. Make sure that you have installed the Sdrive client available at Mac or Windows. Note: The Sdrive mobile app is not supported with Personal Cloud. Instead, use Seagate Media for your mobile devices. The Sdrive mobile app is only compatible with professional Seagate network storage devices.

Q. I cannot change my password in the web board. I know that the option has been available to me in the past. Note: Owner only.
A. You launched the Personal Cloud web board from Sdrive > Manage device. The option to change the password in the web board is available when signing in on the same network as the Personal Cloud.

Q. I want to use Seagate Media to play media stored in my private folder, the folder with my name. However, when I use Seagate Media on my mobile device, I do not see any of the media files stored in my private folder. Is this normal?
A. Yes. Seagate Media can only access media stored in the Public folder.

Q. How do I add a Personal Cloud to my Seagate Access account?
A. A user must receive an invitation from the owner to add a Personal Cloud. For details, see Accept a Personal Cloud invitation.