SeaTools Bootable User Manual
SeaTools Bootable 

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Error Codes

SeaTools Bootable may display a variety of error codes depending on the interface and which test module was running when the error or status occurred. In some situations when the drive is offline running a Drive Self Test, the drive gives its own DST result code. Drive Self Test (DST) is a thorough diagnostic routine that is built in to the hard drive's firmware. Firmware is the machine language programming the controls the disc drive. DST is completely data safe. SMART (Self Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) is also built in to the firmware and these errors provide advanced warning about developing problems - such as excessive retries while reading data. A SMART error is a prediction of possible drive failure in the future. Be sure to back up your data regularly. When a drive is completely non-functional, no make, model or error codes are available.