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Lyve Cloud Analytics

Accelerate Your Path to Insights

Bring more value and less spend to big data analytics with a platform that has it all.


We Built It for Us

Over the years at Seagate, we—like most enterprises—have met countless roadblocks that have slowed down our AI and machine learning operations. But unlike most, we’re data storage experts. Which put us in the unique position to craft a solution with the help of trusted partners. Meet Lyve Cloud Analytics. It’s a full-stack platform that lets you harness the freedom and scalability of open data lake architecture so that you can speed up DataOps, such as AI and machine learning, by harnessing the essentials—frictionless object storage, flexible compute resources, and pre-built analytic accelerators—in one beautifully integrated, cost-effective place.

Analyze Without Limits

Keep any data type, any data stream, and as much as you need, in an open data lake architecture for big-data processing.

Rapidly Deploy MLOps

Enable production-centric, automated acceleration of ML with self-service data science tooling and pre-built analytic accelerators.

Save up to 40%

That’s just on analytics. Add in a full-scale platform with ready-to-use models for DataOps/MLOps and white-glove support from our data science team and, well, you do the math.

Experience Multicloud Freedom

Move data across edge, core, and public clouds with high optionality, zero lock-in or fees, and full interoperability.


See How It Works

Learn about the pressing data challenges Lyve Cloud Analytics helps solve.


Unlock Multicloud Freedom

Discover how Lyve Cloud, Seagate’s object storage offered as a service, makes the multicloud more efficient, and more affordable, than ever.

Solution Brief

Harness the Power of Limitless Storage

Discover the power of limitless storage, compute, and software resources in a single location that supports any data type

Case Study

Get the Story Behind Lyve Cloud

In this case study, we pull back the curtain on our own multicloud mess here at Seagate—and how we fixed it by designing and building Lyve Cloud.

Ready to Learn More?

Our storage specialists are here to help you find the right solution for your data challenges.