Lyve Cloud Analytics

Bring more value and less spend to big-data analytics—delays not included.

A full-stack DataOps platform with ready-to-use models.

Over the years at Seagate, we—like most enterprises—have met countless roadblocks that slowed down our AI and machine learning operations. But unlike most, we have over 40 years of data storage expertise. This put us in the unique position to craft a solution with the help of our trusted technology partners.

Meet Lyve® Cloud Analytics. It’s a full-stack platform that lets you harness the freedom and scalability of open data lake architecture. Now you can speed up DataOps (such as AI and machine learning) by harnessing the essentials—frictionless object storage, flexible compute resources, and pre-built analytic accelerators—in one beautifully integrated, cost-effective place.

Analyze without Limits
Keep any data type, any data stream, and any amount in an open data lake architecture for big-data processing.
Rapidly Deploy MLOps
Automate and accelerate production-grade ML workflows with self-service data science tooling and pre-built analytic accelerators.
Save Up to 40%
That’s just on analytics. Factor in the rest—and the savings keep growing.
Experience Multicloud Freedom
Move data across edge, core, and public clouds with high optionality, zero lock-in or fees, and full interoperability.

Locked in? We prefer no limits.

Move mass data across private and public clouds to wherever it drives the most value.


Analyze without limits.

Seagate Lyve Cloud Analytics lets you harness the freedom and scalability of open data lake architecture through a fully managed, end-to-end platform for DataOps—including machine learning operations (MLOps)—that combines frictionless object storage with flexible compute resources and pre-built analytic accelerators.


Rapidly deploy MLOps.

Today’s enterprise data science teams all face the same challenges: a growing swell of data coming from every direction and the need for efficient, cost-effective storage that lets you turn that data into business value.

With Lyve Cloud Analytics, you can scale, add, and migrate workflows on the fly with seamless interoperability and rapidly deploy production-grade machine-learning pipelines. You'll be equipped with self-service data science tools, such as customizable blueprints for tabular data analysis and a pre-trained model gallery inspired by Seagate’s own diverse, best-in-class data science practices.


Save up to 40%.

The Lyve Cloud Analytics platform is centered around open data lake architecture. Storage capacity is limitless, you can store any type of data you want, there’s no vendor lock-in, and the only thing you’ll pay for is the amount of data you store—period. So basically, you get full control over your data and can save up to 70% on cloud storage costs while you’re at it.

Lyve Cloud Analytics provides flexible compute resources and pre-built analytic accelerators, applications, and training models. Bundled together, this helps teams save up to 40% on analytics costs alone. Add in a full-scale platform with ready-to-use models for DataOps/MLOps and white-glove support from our data science team and, well, you do the math.


Experience multicloud freedom.

When it comes to cloud services, one provider can’t do it all. That’s why enterprises have been spreading their operations across multiple providers. In theory, this should enable organizations to take advantage of provider-specific benefits and lower TCO.

But in practice, due to heavy fees for egress and API calls, multicloud has resulted in siloed data storage and vendor lock-in. Seagate Lyve Cloud provides cost-effective object storage designed to tear down these barriers and bring efficiency to data analytics.

Case Study

Alfa Romeo F1 Team ORLEN Uses Seagate Lyve Cloud

Simple, scalable, cost-effective object storage for unstructured car sensor and factory data.

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