High performance plus premium style.

The GoFlex® Pro ultra-portable drive delivers high performance along with premium styling and data protection. This external hard drive provides access to your content anytime, anywhere when combined with other GoFlex devices.

  • USB 3.0 or 2.0 plug-and-play connectivity
  • Easily upgrade to Thunderbolt™, FireWire 800, or eSATA
  • Preloaded with automatic backup and encryption software
  • Up to 40% faster transfer speeds than standard GoFlex drives
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    Windows 7 32 and 64-Bit

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GoFlex-pro-ultraportable-Overview-Powerfully flexible

Powerfully flexible.

The GoFlex Pro ultra-portable drive features a unique adapter that lets you instantly change or upgrade the drive’s interface.

Every GoFlex ultra-portable external hard drive also integrates easily with other GoFlex devices to form a system that delivers flexible access to your content anywhere you go.

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GoFlex-pro-ultraportable-Overview-Protects data and privacy

Protects your data and privacy.

The GoFlex Pro ultra-portable drive comes preloaded with easy-to-use software that ensures automatic backup of your digital files.

This portable external hard drive also comes with powerful encryption software to help protect your data—and your privacy.

More GoFlex Pro ultra-portable drive features
GoFlex-pro-ultraportable-Overview-Works with both PC and Mac computers

Works with both PC and Mac computers.

Whether you have a PC or a Mac–or both–you can access and save files on the same GoFlex Pro ultra-portable drive.*

*Reformatting to HFS+ required to use backup software for Mac or Time Machine software.


GoFlex-pro-ultraportable-Features-GoFlex Storage System

The GoFlex™ Storage System.

The GoFlex™ Pro ultra-portable drive is part of the Seagate™ GoFlex Storage System. This unique storage system is designed to help you:

  • Easily change or upgrade your GoFlex Pro ultra-portable drive's interface to Thunderbolt™, USB 3.0, eSATA, or FireWire 800 for faster transfer speeds
  • Seamlessly access and share your files from anywhere in the world by pairing your GoFlex Pro ultra-portable drive with a GoFlex Net media sharing device
  • View your movies and photos on your TV when you combine your GoFlex Pro ultra-portable drive with the GoFlex TV HD media player
GoFlex-pro-ultraportable-Features-Automatic backups

Automatic backups. Always secure.

Your GoFlex Pro ultra-portable drive comes preloaded with easy-to-use software that helps you:

  • Ensure automatic, continuous backup of your data
  • Secure your backed up files and protect your privacy with powerful encryption software
  • Easily manage backup schedules and file encryption
  • Get at-a-glance drive statistics, including available capacity


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