Kinetic HDD

The Game Changer That's Revolutionizing Cloud Storage

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Kinetic Hard Drive for Scale-Out Object Storage

The world’s first Ethernet-connected HDD with an open source object API designed specifically for hyperscale and scale-out environments. Seagate Kinetic HDD simplifies storage hardware and software architectures to reduce TCO and enable rapid response to a growing cloud storage infrastructure.

  • Reduce TCO up to 50% with lower server costs and power use
  • Improve drive and rack-level performance up to 4×
  • Scale-out flexibly and rapidly to meet changing storage needs
  • Incorporate future HDD innovations without host software changes

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Helps to Reduce Storage Server Costs and TCO

Helps to Reduce Storage Server Costs and TCO

The Seagate Kinetic Open Storage solution helps to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) by redefining and greatly simplifying storage architectures for the Cloud.

  • Combines an open source object storage protocol with Ethernet connectivity
  • Helps to eliminate redundant layers of  legacy hardware and software infrastructure
  • Lowers capex associated with storage server hardware and opex associated with data center power and maintenance*

Digital Sense Public Cloud Case Study >

*Improves performance compared to traditional file system architecture.  Results will vary.

Improves Performance

Improves Drive and Rack-Level Performance

The Seagate Kinetic Open Storage platform helps to improve drive and rack-level performance by eliminating the need for legacy file systems and by shifting hard drive storage media space management to the drive itself.* 

  • Enables streamlined storage architecture by allowing storage applications to talk directly to the Kinetic HDD in objects with no translation to internal drive format
  • Helps increase I/O performance by eliminating file system software complexity
  • Bypasses storage server bottlenecks with direct communication to each Kinetic hard drive

More about the Seagate Kinetic Platform Vision >

Enables Cloud Servers and Storage to Scale Independently

The Seagate Kinetic open source object API enables server scaling to be decoupled from storage scaling.

  • Allows access to any Kinetic hard drive on the network
  • Storage server software is separated from the complexities of underlying HDD block layout, space management and new architectures like 4K blocks and Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR)
  • Gives cloud developers the tools and open source libraries to create innovative storage architectures. 

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Model Data Sheet User Manual Interface Average Operating Power
Kinetic HDD 4TB
Gigabit Ethernet 7.85W