Seagate DVR Expander

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The Seagate DVR storage expander provides simple, add-on storage that will enable your DVR to store more of your favorite HDTV shows and movies. With the DVR storage expander, you can build your library of video entertainment without the hassle of having to delete TV shows and movies to make room for something new.


Terabytes of capacity

Connect the drive to your compatible USB or eSATA DVR to instantly store more TV shows and movies. No more having to choose what shows to keep or delete.


Optimized for maximum compatibility.

Seagate DVR Expander is built with drives optimized for the demands of recording and playing video as well as the higher temperatures generally found in entertainment centers.

Featuring both USB 2.0 and eSATA interfaces, Seagate DVR Expander is compatible with most DVRs.*


Fits right in your entertainment center.

Sits upright or on its side to fit with your existing entertainment devices. The DVR Expander is designed to withstand the environment of your entertainment center to provide countless hours of TV enjoyment.