Seagate Kinetic Open Storage Platform

A vital leap forward in scale-out object storage architecture announced by Seagate.

The Seagate® Kinetic Open Storage platform is the first device-based storage platform enabling independent software vendors (ISV) and cloud service provider (CSP), and enterprise customers to optimize scale-out file and object-based storage, delivering lower TCO. Seagate Kinetic Storage comprises storage devices + key/value API + Ethernet connectivity.

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Key/Value API and Tools Simplify Data Management

The Seagate Kinetic Open Storage platform includes a set of developer tools that help simplify storage architectures by enabling applications to talk directly to the storage device.

  • Rapid implementation and deployment in any stack
  • Take direct advantage of drive-specific features and capabilities
  • Talk directly to the device at the application level
  • Supports a new class of key/value + Ethernet drives, beginning with hard drives (HDD)

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Improve Performance in Scale-Out Storage Architectures

The Seagate Kinetic Open Storage platform delivers higher performance and capacity, along with improved rack density, by allowing more flexibility than traditional storage server architectures.

  • Simplify scale-out storage architectures
  • Break away from the constraints of a legacy storage infrastructure
  • Increase I/O efficiency by removing bottlenecks and overhead
  • Optimize cluster management, data replication, migration and active archive performance

Deliver Lower Data Center TCO

The Seagate Kinetic Open Storage platform helps streamline storage architectures by eliminating an entire storage server tier, thus lowering both data center capital and operational expenses.

  • Lowers capital expense (capex) associated with building new or upgrading an existing data center architecture
  • Lowers operational expense (opex) associated with running a data center
  • Mitigates hardware risks associated with human error
  • Improves utilization of real estate where physical footprint is an issue
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