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Proper handling and precautions for Samsung external drives

Learn how to properly handle your Samsung external drive.

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How to use an external drive without any special software

Many, even most, Seagate and Maxtor-brand external drives are sold with bundled backup and management software. However, in some cases it is not possible to use such software.

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Drivers & Firmware

  • Samsung NTFS for Mac Driver

    NTFS Driver for Samsung External drives for use with Mac OS.
    This software will allow the Samsung external drive to be writable without the need to reformat from the default NTFS partition. Without this driver the NTFS partition is read only. If you have reformatted the drive to HFS+ format then this driver is not needed. Learn more



  • Samsung Auto Backup

    Samsung Auto Backup software is bundled with Samsung external drives and allows for real-time mode or scheduled mode backups. Learn more

  • Samsung Auto Backup Update

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  • Samsung Drive Manager

    Drive Manager software for Samsung external drives updated for Windows 8. Learn more

  • Samsung SecretZone

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Capacity 640GB 500GB 400GB 320GB 250GB
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Interface Options usb usb usb usb usb
Height (in/mm) 0.62/17 0.62/17 0.62/17 0.62/17 0.62/17
Width (in/mm) 3.11/79 3.11/79 3.11/79 3.11/79 3.11/79
Length (in/mm) 4.38/111.3 4.38/111.3 4.38/111.3 4.38/111.3 4.38/111.3
Weight (lb/g) 0.32/0.146 0.32/0.146 0.32/0.146 0.30/0.138 0.30/0.138
Model Number Capacity
HX-MU064DC 640GB
HX-MU050DC 500GB
HX-MU040DC 400GB
HX-MU032DC 320GB
HX-MU025DC 250GB