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Get answers to the most frequently asked questions for OneTouch II drives.

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OneTouch II Installation Guide

OneTouch II Installation Guide

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What kind of cable does my external drive use?

This article will discuss the connections available on every kind of Seagate and Maxtor-brand external hard drive, the environment in which it is best to use each, and instructions for each connection.

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How to use an external drive without any special software

Many, even most, Seagate and Maxtor-brand external drives are sold with bundled backup and management software. However, in some cases it is not possible to use such software.

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drivers & firmware

Drivers & Firmware

  • Maxtor OneTouch MacOS X Driver Update

    This software contains an updated FireWire driver needed for use with Maxtor OneTouch drives in a MacOS X (versions 10.2.7 and newer) environment.
    The onetouch_os_x_update_sept04_2003.pkg.sit is a self-extracting file containing an updated FireWire driver needed for use with Maxtor OneTouch drives in a MacOS X (versions 10.2.7 and newer) environment. Learn more



  • Maxtor OneTouch MacIntel Update

    This software provides Maxtor OneTouch program functionality on Apple Intel Core Duo (MacIntel) computers and Mac Power PCs running OS X 10.3.9 or newer. Learn more

  • Maxtor OneTouch II MacOS 9 Update Utility

    This update allows the Maxtor DriveLock security feature, the diagnostic utility and performance feature to be enabled for Mac OS version 9.x for Firewire. Learn more

  • Retrospect Express HD Update for Maxtor OneTouch

    This software contains Retrospect Express HD for use with original Maxtor OneTouch and Maxtor OneTouch II drives. This program will only work on compatible, Windows Operating Systems (it is not for use on Macintosh computers). This file will install the English language version of the upgrade. This EMC Retrospect Express HD software upgrade is available to only Maxtor OneTouch & Maxtor OneTouch II customers that have original installations of Dantz Retrospect Express HD installed on their Windows PC. Learn more



  • Maxtor OneTouch II MacOS X 10.1.5 Update Utility

    This update allows the Maxtor DriveLock security feature to be enabled for MacOS version 10.1.5 for USB and FireWire. Learn more

  • SeaTools for Windows

    The quick diagnostic tool that checks the health of your drive. Learn more


Capacity 500.0GB 300.0GB 250.0GB 200.0GB 160.0GB 100.0GB
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Interface Options   USB 2.0, FireWire 400   USB 2.0, USB 2.0, FireWire 400    
Model Number OneTouch II Generations Capacity Product Interfaces Spindle Speed (RPM) Cache (MB)
E01G500 Firewire usb 500.0GB     16MB
E01W500 Firewire 800 500.0GB     16MB
E01H500 OneTouch II USB 500.0GB     16MB
E14G300 Firewire usb 300.0GB     16MB
E01G300 Firewire usb 300.0GB     16MB
E01H300 OneTouch II USB 300.0GB     16MB
E01W300 Firewire 800 300.0GB     16MB
E14G250 Firewire usb 250.0GB     16MB
E01G250 Firewire usb 250.0GB     16MB
E30H250 OneTouch II USB 250.0GB      
E30E200 OneTouch II USB 200.0GB      
E14E200 OneTouch II USB 200.0GB      
E01E200 OneTouch II USB 200.0GB     8MB
E01A200 Firewire usb, Firewire usb 200.0GB      
E01V200 Firewire 800 200.0GB      
Y01E200 Small buisness 200.0GB      
E30E160 OneTouch II USB 160.0GB      
E04E100 OneTouch II USB 100.0GB      
E01E100 OneTouch II USB 100.0GB