Seagate Warranty Void Checklist

The information provided in this document applies to Seagate and LaCie product and to Samsung drives. To download this document, please use print option (Ctrl-P) and save as pdf.

Product Condition or Criteria that will NOT be accepted:

1) Failure to meet packaging requirements.

2) Remorse or unopened packaging.

3) Non-Seagate / Non-Samsung / Non LaCie drive returns.

4) Tampered / Counterfeit drives, e.g. Fake or modified labels.

5) Mismatch / Wrong PCBA (Photo - Non applicable).

6) Mismatch Top Cover SN vs Baseplate SN.

7) Missing Top Cover Label, PCBA / Baseplate SN.

8) Burnt / Missing Pins.

9) Burnt proximity to power connector (1 ") / Missing PCBA Components.

10) Severely Burnt PCBA.

11) PCBA with Broken Connector.

12) Screw Thread Worn Out.

13) Missing Top Cover Screws.

14) Samsung Warranty Seal moved, erased, altered, defaced, tampered, or otherwise rendered unintelligible.

15) Recertified Laser Mark with Prime label.

Disclaimer: This information is a general guideline only; the final decision will be made at Seagate's discretion based on the visual and mechanical inspection.