Seagate Joy Drive User Manual
Seagate Joy Drive 

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After setup is complete, you can:

Copy and move files with Seagate Mobile Toolkit

Seagate Mobile Toolkit manages files on your Android mobile devices and Joy Drive. You can save space on your mobile devices with Mobile Toolkit Backup.

Set Joy Drive to Data mode to manage files with Seagate Mobile Toolkit.

Enjoy your media

Enjoy movies, 4K video, photos, music, and other media on your mobile device via direct connection to Joy Drive.

Set Joy Drive to Data mode to access your media with Mobile Toolkit.

Charge your Android phone and tablet

Charge your mobile device wherever you are.

Set Joy Drive to Power Bank mode to charge your mobile device.

 Joy Drive must detect a mobile device in order to charge it. If Joy Drive is asleep and you connect a mobile device that is powered off, Joy Drive may not initially detect it. You can wake up Joy Drive by switching to Data mode and then back to Power Bank mode.

Connect to a PC/Mac

Joy Drive is a large capacity hard drive when connected to your PC/Mac. The hard drive is formatted for no-hassle connections with Windows and Mac computers.

Switch to Power Bank when connecting Joy Drive to a PC/Mac.