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Lyve Cloud S3 Storage 

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Release Notes

The Lyve Cloud Release Notes provide information about the latest Lyve Cloud feature release. Information that doesn’t apply to the release will be archived.

Release 5.7

February 03, 2023


Registering for Lyve Cloud using a credit card, AKA Lyve Cloud Self-Service

Customers can use a credit card to use Lyve Cloud Self-Service and register for a Lyve Cloud account. The account is charged based on their usage. The invoice is generated, and the credit card is charged on the first of every month for the previous month’s actual usage.

Registration Process

During registration, the customer completes a form using the following link:

The requested information from the customer includes:

  • Account Information
  • Contact Information
  • Billing Information
  • Payment details

For more information, see Registering Lyve Cloud using a credit card.Registering Lyve Cloud using a credit card

Credit Card Authorization

The customer specifies payment information while registering for Lyve Cloud, and the credit card is authorized.

Trial Period

Customers are offered a free 30-day trial. Customers are charged a pro-rated fee for the calendar month in which the trial ends. The pro-rated fee is based on the number of days the account is active, between the day after the trial ends and the end of the month.

Billing and Charging

Customers are committing to a minimum usage of 250TB monthly, and the bill for a full month of use is 250 TB/month * $9 / TB = $2,250/month.

  • if actual usage <= 250 TB, the customer is charged for 250TB
  • if actual usage > 250 TB, the customer is charged for actual usage multiplied by $9

The customer bill generates, and the credit card is charged for the previous month's usage on the first day of every month.

For more information, see Understanding billing for customers signing up with Credit Card and Calculating Payment.Understanding billing for customers signing up with Credit CardCalculating payment

Cancelling the Lyve Cloud account

  • Accounts are closed immediately, and the customer is not charged if an account is cancelled within the trial period.
  • Customers are charged based on the number of days of usage if the account is cancelled after the trial period ends.

For more information, see Cancel Lyve Cloud service.Cancel Lyve Cloud service

Release 1.2.7 (Data Mover)

February 03, 2023


Lyve Cloud Data Mover is a file copy utility that can replicate on-premises file systems to Lyve Cloud and back to on-premise. For more information, see Lyve Cloud Data Mover.

You must download the OVA files for Data Mover Portal and Data Mover Worker from the Lyve Cloud console. For more information, see Install Data Mover Portal and Install Data Mover Worker.

Release 5.6

January 15, 2023


Lyve Cloud Account API is a set of methods for Lyve Cloud programmatic management. It can be accessed via The account API credentials can be generated only by account administrators. For more information, see Using Account API.

The APIs provide programmatic access to the Lyve Cloud to perform administrative tasks. The API uses a JSON structure and may include Boolean, Number, and String data types. The following are included in this initial release.

  • Authentication: It authenticates to the service and manages the session token.
  • Permission: It allows access control for the buckets.
  • Service Account: It allows control for S3 API credentials.
  • Usage: It provides information about the account's storage usage.

For more information, see Lyve Cloud Account API.

Release 5.5

October 12, 2022


  • Lyve Cloud Compute by Zadara allows users to rent virtual servers on which to run their own applications adjacent to Lyve Cloud S3-compatible storage. It provides a web service through which a user can create a virtual machine image and boot a virtual machine. Users can create, launch, and terminate instances as needed, paying for active servers. Lyve Cloud Compute also provides control over autoscaling groups, virtual private networks, block storage and other related resources. It can be managed using a reach UI, as well as CLI and EC2-compatible API.

    For more information, see Lyve Cloud Compute.

  • Lyve Cloud Analytics by Iguazio is a production-centric data analytics solution that accelerates data engineering, data science, and data governance, all while encouraging development and machine learning operations best practices. This architecture is built on a foundation of data storage, computing, monitoring, and security. The platform's tight integration provides users with a unified approach that reduces the technical debt associated with modern analytic and machine learning systems.

    For more information, see Lyve Cloud Analytics.

Release 5.4

August 13, 2022


The Sub-accounts feature allows you to maintain a multi-level account structure and replaces the partner portal. The sub-accounts is available for Managed Service Providers (MSP) and Resellers. If you are not an MSP or Reseller and still want to use sub-accounts, contact the Lyve Cloud support team at

Lyve Cloud provisions the master account, and the master account provisions Sub-accounts. These Sub-accounts are managed by and connected to the master account. Each sub-account can provision and manage its storage, users, and account settings. For more information, see Administrator's Guide - Sub-Account Management.


The service account expiration enhances the security of the service account. You can now set the expiration duration for a service account. When a service account expires, the secret credentials associated also expire. For more information, see Service account settings.

You can Clone to create a duplicate Service Account, where it creates new access and secret keys.

Releae 5.3

January 15, 2022


  • A new Start Here panel located on the right side of the Header pane is available for quick access to basic tasks, training videos, and other helpful resources to get started with Lyve Cloud.
  • Global Account Management allows customers to create buckets in two different regions or create service accounts to access buckets in different regions. Currently, there are two regions called California (us-west-1) and Virginia (us-east-1). This provides simplified management of multiple regions on Lyve Cloud console and the ability to increase redundancy and availability. For more information see Understanding Global Accounts.
  • We are introducing a Marketplace that provides more information about partner solutions, including Backup and Recovery, Surveillance and Compute that are certified with Lyve Cloud.
  • Billing features:
  • View the estimated bill for next month’s payment cycle. For more information see Understanding the home page dashboard.
  • View and download average storage use reports from the previous months or years since the beginning of account creation. For more information, see Understanding the home page dashboard.
  • See the Billing tab recently added to the main navigation to track and download invoices.


  • Compliance Mode has now been renamed to Object Immutability. For more information, see Using object immutability.
  • Instant copy functionality of the S3 endpoint from the bucket details page. For more information, see Supported S3 API calls.
  • Support for S3 Select capability, which allows the retrieval of a subset of data from an object and can improve data transfer efficiency.

Release features overview video

Lyve Cloud - Feature Release 5.3