Lyve Mobile Mount User Manual
Lyve Mobile Mount 

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Setup Requirements

Lyve Mobile security

Lyve Mobile offers two ways for project admins to manage how end users securely access Lyve Mobile storage devices:

Lyve Portal Identity—End users authorize client computers to access Lyve Mobile devices using their Lyve Management Portal credentials. Requires an internet connection for initial setup and periodic reauthorization through Lyve Management Portal.

Lyve Token Security—End users are provided with Lyve Token files that can be installed on certified client computers and Lyve Mobile Padlock devices. Once configured, computers/Padlock devices unlocking Lyve Mobile devices do not require continual access to Lyve Management Portal or the internet.

 For details on setting up security, go to

Download Lyve Client

To unlock and access Lyve devices connected to your computer, you must enter your username and password in the Lyve Client app. You can also use it to manage Lyve projects and data operations. Install Lyve Client on any computer intended to connect to a Lyve device. Download the Lyve Client installer for Windows® or macOS® at

Authorize host computers

An internet connection is required when authorizing a host computer.

  1. Open Lyve Client on a computer intended to host Lyve Mobile Array.
  2. When prompted, enter your Lyve Management Portal username and password.

Lyve Client authorizes the host computer to unlock and access Lyve devices and manage projects on the Lyve Management Portal.

The host computer remains authorized for up to 30 days, during which you can unlock and access connected devices even without an internet connection. After 30 days, you’ll need to open Lyve Client on the computer and re-enter your credentials.

 Lyve Mobile Array locks when powered off, ejected or unplugged from the host computer, or if the host computer goes to sleep. Use Lyve Client to unlock Lyve Mobile Array when it is reconnected to the host or the host has awakened from sleep. Note that Lyve Client must be open and the user must be signed in to use Lyve Mobile Array.