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Backup: Seagate NAS And PC/Mac

Back up the NAS


See Backup Jobs for a complete explanation on how to automate backups of data stored on your NAS. You can back up your data to:

  • Direct-attached storage (DAS)
  • Another Seagate NAS OS device or rsync-compatible server on your local network
  • Another Seagate NAS OS device or rsync-compatible server on a remote/offsite network


Important info on NAS backup: RAID is a great solution to keep your NAS running in case of disk failure. However, RAID is not a backup solution and it does not offer protection against all types of hardware failure. Therefore, administrators should back up NAS data to DAS or another NAS on a regular basis. See Backup Jobs for details.


Back up computers


Your NAS is fully compatible with popular backup solutions such as:

  • Windows Backup
  • Apple Time Machine®

A share on your NAS can be set as a backup target for these and other backup software. Make certain that the user has access to the target share meant for his computer backup. Additionally, deleting a share that acts as a backup target will delete all associated computer backups.


Note on Time Machine: Time Machine must be enabled in NAS OS before a NAS share can be used as a backup destination. Go to the NAS OS  General > Services tab to enable the Time Machine service. See General for details on services.