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Media Server



Configure your NAS to be a media server for UPnP/DLNA devices. To get started, enable the UPnP/DLNA service from the General > Services tab (see General). Once enabled, UPnP/DLNA-certified players connected to your network (e.g. Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, mobile devices that support DLNA, etc.) can play files located on your NAS.

Media files stored on public shares are identified without the need to enter a login and password. If you keep media files on private shares, make certain that your playback device is capable of requesting your credentials.


Re-index the media server

To take an inventory of available multimedia files, you can re-index your NAS shares and desktop-attached storage (DAS) connected to the NAS's ports.

  1. If applicable, make certain that your DAS are connected to your NAS.
  2. Confirm that UPnP/DLNA is enabled at General > Services (see General).
  3. Pass the cursor to the right side of the UPnP/DLNA row to enable the pull-down menu and select Edit.
  4. Choose Re-index.

Start a re-index as described above if media files appear to be missing on your multimedia shares or connected devices.

The time for indexing to complete depends upon the total capacity of your storage and the size of your multimedia library. If you have created many shares on your NAS, re-indexing can tax the CPU's resources. Before starting the re-index, consider shutting off multimedia support for shares that do not store media files. See General and Shares for further information on how to manage services.




Your NAS can act as an iTunes Music server. Simply copy your iTunes library to a share on your NAS and audio files will be available to compatible devices on the network. For easy access on the entire network, use a share with public access. To limit access to an iTunes library, use a private share with Seagate Network Assistant's Authentication (see Authenticate Private Shares).

To turn on network sharing, follow the steps below for your version of iTunes.

  1. Enable the iTunes service on your NAS OS device. Go to General > Services (see General).
  2. Pass the cursor to the right side of the iTunes row and select Edit
  3. Choose Enable.
  4. To access the iTunes library, computers on the network should launch the iTunes application and choose the NAS OS device as the source for music.


Technical note: The iTunes Server Service supports the following file types: .mp3, .wav, .aac, .pls, and .m3u.


Share music with iOS devices

To share the iTunes library with iOS mobile devices:

  1. Mount the share with the iTunes library on a computer on the network.
  2. Launch the iTunes application on the computer.
  3. Enable sharing in iTunes Preferences.
  4. On the iOS device, launch the Music app and choose More.
  5. Tap Shared and choose the iTunes library.

The iTunes application must remain active to share the library with mobile devices using the iOS Music app.


Windows Media Player


Windows Media Player can play files located on the NAS. Follow these steps:

  1. Enable the UPnP/DLNA service from General  > Services (see General).
  2. In Windows Media Player, choose Organize > Manage Libraries > Music (or Video or Pictures).
  3. In the dialogue window, choose Add and select your NAS's machine name under the Network section. If you are prompted, choose Include Folder.
  4. Windows Media Player will begin indexing the media files. Once indexing is complete, media files will appear in the Windows Media Player library.