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Business Storage Wss 2012 

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How do I reset the Administrator password if it is lost?
If you have a password reset disk, you can recover access to the NAS. See Create a password reset disk.

If you don’t have a password reset disk, you can’t recover a lost Admin password. You must reinstall the Windows partition to reset the password.

How do I open the Seagate Configuration Tasks window if I previously dismissed it?
You can’t open it from the Seagate server, but you can find it at C:\windows\system32\oemoobe\oemoobe.exe.

Why can’t I mount my iSCSI target on more than one location?
The iSCSI system works by emulating a SCSI hardware system, but instead of passing the disk commands from a SCSI disk controller to a SCSI disk, the iSCSI system passes the commands over a network to a virtual disk. If two iSCSI initiators interleave commands to the same disk, the disk can be corrupted. To prevent corruption, an iSCSI target can only be connected to one iSCSI initiator at once.

Why can’t I use BitLocker on the C: Drive?
You can, but access to the C: drive needs to be authenticated at system boot time. You can enter a password manually or on a USB drive. See BitLocker Drive Encryption.

Why can’t I use this product with terminal services?
Windows licensing requires separate user licenses for each user accessing the system through terminal service.

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