Lyve Mobile Array Command Line Interface (CLI) User Manual
Lyve Mobile Array Command Line Interface (CLI) 

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Entering Commands

In the CLI, enter lmacli command, where command is the name of a specific command.

To see a list the commands currently available to Lyve Mobile Array CLI, enter lmacli --help.

For help with a specific command, enter lmacli command --help. Example: lmacli discover --help


Command Description
configure Import configuration for the device from the Lyve Management Portal or set it up manually.
discover Discover Lyve Mobile devices in the neighborhood.
disk-info Display information about the disks.
fde-decrypt Disable Full-Disk Encryption.
fde-init Initialize Full-Disk Encryption.
fde-repurpose Crypto-erase data to repurpose the device.
fde-unlock Unlock the device.
fw-info Display information about the firmware.
fw-update Update the firmware.
info Display general info about the device.
linux-usbnet-setup Set up the management interface if connected over USB or Thunderbolt.
log-dump Copy the device logs to a Zip archive.
rackmount-setup Set up a Lyve Mobile Array in a Lyve Mobile Rackmount Receiver.
raid-cleanup Remove all RAID arrays.
raid-dequarantine Remove RAID arrays from quarantine.
raid-info Display information about the RAID arrays.
raid-setup Create a single RAID array (uninitialized).
version Display the CLI version.
volume-map Map the volume in USB, Thunderbolt, or NVMe mode.