Lyve Mobile Array Command Line Interface (CLI) User Manual
Lyve Mobile Array Command Line Interface (CLI) 

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SSH authentication agent

lmacli has to store secrets about the Lyve Mobile Arrays connected to the computer. These secrets are encrypted and, depending on the operating system, you may need to run commands to allow lmacli to access those secrets.

  • Windows—lmacli secrets are stored in the Credential Manager. No configuration is required.
  • Linux—lmacli secrets are protected by a SSH private key. You must register a SSH private key to the SSH authentication agent.

To start and configure the SSH authentication agent on Linux:

  1. Verify if the SSH agent is already running. In a terminal, enter echo $SSH_AGENT_PID. If the command displays a PID number, proceed to step 3.
  2. Enter eval $(ssh-agent -s) to start the SSH agent.
  3. Enter ssh-add to add a SSH private key. If you need to generate a SSH private key, enter ssh-keygen.

If the SSH authentication agent is not running, lmacli displays the following error: ssh-agent not running. If the SSH private key is not registered, lmacli displays the following error: SSH identity is missing.

Lyve Management Portal

To configure a Lyve Mobile Array obtained through Lyve Management Portal:

  • The computer must be connected to internet.
  • You must have a valid account on Lyve Management Portal.