Lyve Mobile Array User Manual
Lyve Mobile Array 

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Status LED

The LED on the front of the enclosure indicates the device's status. See the key below for the color and animations associated with each status.


Status Color 1 Color 2 Animation Description
Off   N/A Steady Device is powered off.
Identification     Breathe A Lyve Client user has sent a prompt to identify the device.
Error   N/A Steady Error reported.
Warning     Blink Warning reported.
Manual power off     Fade out A user initiated a manual power off.
Drive locked   N/A Circular Drive is locked.
Configuration   N/A Steady Lyve Client is configuring the device.
Ingest   N/A Circular Lyve Client is copying/moving data.
I/O     Breathe Input/output activity.
Ready   N/A Steady Device is ready.
Booting  White   Blink Device is starting up.