Seagate NAS 4-BAY NAS Seagate NAS 4-BAY NAS
Seagate NAS 4-BAY NAS 

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LCD Display


The Seagate 4-bay NAS features an LCD display on the front of the device to review its general settings. See the table below for the settings on the LCD display.


Menu Sub-menu Notes
Network IP addresses See the IP addresses assigned to the NAS.
Storage Total and volume capacities See the total capacity available to the NAS as well as the capacity for each volume.
Alerts Hardware errors Up to five alerts are listed on the sub-menu. Alerts include: temperature; casing; fan; and disks.
Temperature Hardware temperatures Check the temperature for the NAS's: CPU; motherboard; or drives.
Fan Fan rotation Check the rotational speed of the fan.
Date Date, time and uptime Uptime refers to the amount of time that the NAS has been powered on. It is listed in seconds.
Software version Firmware Check the firmware version for Seagate System Monitor.


Access the LCD display menu

Follow the steps below to access the Menus and Sub-menus listed above. 

  1. Apply a long push on the up or down arrow to enter the menu.
  2. Push the up or down arrow to toggle through the menu selections. Each window reveals two selections.
  3. Use the up/down arrow to highlight your selection.
  4. Use a long push on one of the arrows to enter the sub-menu for that selection.
  5. Push the up/down arrow to toggle through the sub-menu selections and apply a long push if applicable.
  6. To exit a menu or sub-menu, apply a long push to the up or down arrow.

Each menu and sub-menu will remain on the LCD display for 30 seconds before reverting to the home screen.