Seagate NAS 4-BAY NAS Seagate NAS 4-BAY NAS
Seagate NAS 4-BAY NAS 

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System LEDs


The 4-bay NAS features three sets of LEDs that provide information on the system status. Review the illustrations below for the LED locations on the chassis.


Front LEDs



  1. Status
  2. Ethernet 1
  3. Ethernet 2





  1. Disk activity


LED behavior


General LED behavior

The list of colors below will help you identify the general status of your NAS.


Color State
Solid blue Ready
Blinking blue Startup; shutdown; activity
Alternating red and blue

RAID synchronization; software update

Note: Do not remove disks or cut power to the NAS unless it has been powered off.

Solid red Error


Front and disk LEDs

The status and disk LEDs indicate the NAS’s: status, drive health, and activity. This section describes the behavior of the LED indicators.


Status LED Color Disk LED Color State
- Activity LED for working
disks (until they are fully
Blinking occurs as the device is
booting; will cease once the
drives are fully initialized
Solid blue Activity LED for working
Device is functioning
properly and the drives are
working (read/write)
Blinking blue/red Blinking blue/red RAID synchronizing; will
cease once operation has
Blinking red Solid red for non-functional disks RAID is degraded; data is
intact but the array is no
longer protected should
another disk fail
Solid red Activity LED for working
Temperature alert (critical
level) – the product will
shut off
- Activity LED for working
Operating system update in
Activity LED for all disks Temperature alert
Solid red for non-functional disks RAID has failed and data
has been lost
- Disks are disconnected
Fan is not spinning
The NAS is receiving its power via a connected UPS; or, the power supply has been cut and the UPS has run out of
reserve power – the product will shut off




Ethernet LED Color State
Solid blue Connected to an active network
Off No connection or the network cannot be