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About Seagate Antivirus

Seagate Antivirus protects your NAS OS device and your data from viruses and malware. You can schedule Seagate Antivirus to scan your Seagate NAS or initiate a scan manually. Seagate Antivirus also allows you to:

  • Target scans to specific file types
  • Whitelist files
  • Generate reports

The virus definition database can be updated manually or before each scan. Update options are available on the Seagate Antivirus Settings page.

Trial and enterprise licenses

Your Seagate NAS includes a single, one-year trial license. A trial license gives you the ability to scan all files stored on the NAS for viruses and malware.

New enterprise licenses are no longer available for purchase and support for this product is limited. Existing enterprise licenses will continue to have the following additional features:

  • Up to three Seagate NAS devices.
  • Real time virus protection.
  • Selectable scan performance to optimize power and CPU.
  • Scan external devices such as USB hard drives connected to the NAS.
  • Selective scan for individual shares.
  • Email notifications.