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Seagate Antivirus 

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Install Seagate Antivirus and Activate the License

  1. Launch the App Manager.
  2. Choose Security.
  3. Click Antivirus and choose Install.

Activate the Seagate Antivirus license

The steps below only appear the first time you launch Seagate Antivirus.

    1. On the Home page, click Antivirus.
    2. Click the box next to I have read, understand and accept the terms of the Seagate End User License Agreement.
    3. Choose:
      • Next if you want to use the trial version of Seagate Antivirus. You are prompted to enter and confirm your email address.
      • I have a license key if you purchased an Enterprise or renewal key. You are prompted to enter your new license and confirm your email address.
    4. Choose Activate.
    5. A prompt alerts you to the expiration date for your license. Choose Ok.

New enterprise licenses are no longer available for purchase and support for this product is limited.