IFTTT for Seagate Network Storage User Manual IFTTT for Seagate Network Storage User Manual
IFTTT for Seagate Network Storage User Manual 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: There are apps for IFTTT for my iOS/Android device. Do I use them instead of the IFTTT app for my Seagate storage device?
A. The IFTTT app for Personal Cloud is required to link the device to your IFTTT. You can use the mobile apps to work with your IFTTT account. See Devices.

Q: I set up a recipe to add new photos taken on my iOS/Android device to my Seagate storage device. Whenever I take a picture, the photo never appears on my device. How do I fix the recipe?
A. Make certain that you installed the IF by IFTTT app on your mobile device and that permissions are set to allow IFTTT to access your photo library. See Devices.

Q: I clicked the Reconnect button/Disconnect link/Add a new device link on the Seagate Personal Cloud channel page but don’t know what to do. How do I get back to the Seagate Personal Cloud channel?
A. See below to learn how best to return to the Seagate Personal Cloud channel if you choose one of the default options:

  • Reconnect channel: click the back arrow/button on your browser.
  • Disconnect: click cancel when at the prompt.
  • Add a new device: close the new tab that opens.

Q: I replaced my Seagate storage device. Can I connect to my IFTTT account with the new device?
A. Yes. Connecting with a new device should override the previous connection.

Q: Why do my photos appear as Private or No content found?
A. Try changing the ingredient to PublicURL. With certain apps, making it a public URL helps the file appear correctly on your Seagate storage device.

Q: Why can't users on my Seagate storage device access the IFTTT app?
A. Log into the your Personal Cloud as the owner and go to App Manager > My Apps > IFTTT > Action > Details > Privilege. Drag and drop the group Users to Groups with Access. All users should have access to the IFTTT app.

Q: The FileURL setting for recipes that download attachments and photos to my Personal Cloud are configured as PublicURL. Why can't I use PrivateURL?
A. When using prebuilt recipes that download files to your Personal Cloud (Gmail attachments, Android photos, iOS photos), the files must also be copied to the IFTTT server. While the URLs are public, IFTTT uses a unique link for each file affiliated with your account. One advantage to copying the file to your account is easy online access. However, if you want to remove the files from your account on the IFTTT server, log into IFTTT and click the menu with your account name on the upper right. Choose Files to view or delete the files from the server. Files deleted in IFTTT do not affect the files on your Personal Cloud.

Q: Whenever I create a new recipe to download files to my Personal Cloud, the files appear as links rather than actual files (photos, documents, graphics). How do I configure the settings to download the files I want?
A. Make certain that the FileURL setting is configured as PublicURL rather than PrivateURL. For a full description, see the answer to the question above.