Seagate Dashboard User Manual
Seagate Dashboard 

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Managing Drives, the Cloud, and Software

You can manage your drives and the cloud from Seagate Dashboard and control the Dashboard features.

Manage Your Storage Drives

You can have multiple storage drives connected to your computer and managed through Seagate Dashboard.

  • To view the storage capacity of a drive, move the cursor over a drive image on the left side of the Home page. An information window appears.
  • To manage the drive, click the drive image on the left side of the Home page. The drive’s Info, Manage, and Support tabs appear. Here you can:
    • Control the LED light
    • Set the power-saving mode (Windows only)
    • Access support for your drive
    • Generate thumbnails

A smart copy plan automatically generates thumbnails the first time you set up a plan. However, you can also generate video thumbnails manually.

Manage Seagate Dashboard Settings

You can manage the Seagate Dashboard software through the Settings page.

  Note: Your drive might not support this feature. For more information, visit Seagate Dashboard Support
  1. Click the Settings icon .
  2. On the Settings page, you can:
    • Change the language
    • Enable and disable shortcut desktop icons
    • View the download log
    • Check for software updates