Ultra Touch HDD User Manual
Ultra Touch HDD 

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Use Toolkit to Set Up Security, Backups, and More

Toolkit provides useful tools that let you easily manage security, set up backup plans and mirror folders, and much more.

Enable security

Toolkit is required to enable security for Ultra Touch. Be sure to install Toolkit in order to password-protect your device using Seagate Secure 256-bit encryption.

Start a backup plan (Windows only)

Create a plan customized for the content, storage device, and schedule of your choosing.

  • Click here for details on setting up a backup plan.

Set up a mirror folder

Create a Mirror folder on your PC or Mac that is synced to your storage device. Whenever you add, edit, or delete files in one folder, Toolkit automatically updates the other folder with your changes.

  • Click here for details on creating a mirror folder.