Seagate FireCuda Gaming Dock User Manual
Seagate FireCuda Gaming Dock 

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Optional Formatting and Partitioning

Seagate FireCuda Gaming Dock is preformatted NTFS for optimal performance on Windows.

Manual formatting

Use the steps below to manually format and partition a storage device.

 Formatting erases everything on the storage device. Seagate highly recommends that you back up all data on your storage device before performing the steps below. Seagate is not responsible for any data lost due to formatting, partitioning, or using a Seagate storage device.
  1. Make sure the storage device is connected to and mounted on the computer.
  2. Go to the Start menu and type diskmgmt.msc in the search bar. In the search results, double-click Create and format hard disk partitions.
  3. From the list of storage devices in the middle of the Disk Management window, locate your LaCie device.
  4. The partition must be available to format. If it is currently formatted, right click on the partition and then choose Delete.
  5. To create a new partition, right click on the volume and select New Simple Volume. Follow the on-screen instructions when the New Simple Volume Wizard appears.